Light and Shadows – Roberto Pavic

The internationally-recognized work of Roberto Pavić is a visual journey of light and shadows, evoking a sense of nostalgia with his timeless compositions and sharp eye for intense tonal ranges. .

The Charles Bridge in Prague under a blanket of thick fog.

Roberto’s work is described below:

Roberto Pavić was born in 1979 in Zagreb and is a proud father of three sons.

He has been involved in amateur photography since 2009 combining two things that he really loves – travel and photography – and began to show in his own way the places he visited.

Roberto’s style is characterized by very dramatic (often HDR) black and white photographs. So far his work has been published in various photography magazines: Digital Photo (UK), Refoto, DigitalFoto (Croatia) and Fotomag.

The canals of Venice, shown in a nostalgic tone.

He has received awards in competitions:

  • World Photography Organisation – Sony World Photography Awards 2011 Open Competition – Travel
  • Olympus Croatia – black and white style
  • PhotoRush – Creative Photo, City Architecture, Reptiles
  • Zagreb Tourist Community – Advent in Zagreb
  • Birdie – Landscape (Photodays 2011) 2 photos
  • Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011 – Black and white theme – shortlisted
  • Photo of the Year BiH 2011 – Winner in the category of creative photography”

Abbaye de Sénanque under the night sky in Provence, France


King's Landing - A black and white waterscape of stone castles on islands.
Black and white photograph of the Charles Bridge of Prague
A gondola passes under a small footbridge filled with people in Venice
A man gazes at the city of Budapest from a footbridge
Seaside view of Rovinj in Croatia
Topside view of the Charles Bridge in Prague
A misty view of the Charles Bridge in Prague

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